RoboExtract to Process Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a document indicating origin of goods, destination of goods and the means of transport. Our end customers who are in logistics or shipping industries deal with BOLs often. There are often errors when doing the data extraction or manual transferring of data of BOLs.

Bil of Lading RoboExtract

That is why we use automation to solve such challenges, and here is an example of how RoboExtract software can handle the process

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Benefits of Using RoboExtract

  1. RoboExtract can work faster than a human. It reduces the time it takes to check the waybill, increase the accuracy of data extraction, and eliminate process monitoring. This helps to increases productivity, as your staff gets to do more important work while RoboExtract does the repetitive admin tasks. You do not have to worry about problems caused by factors such as negligence.

  2. It does not require knowledge of programming code or technical knowledge. Compliance ensures that it is not like humans, who tend to take shortcuts and make estimates when it comes to screening. You may find that verifying billing information on other systems can be seen as a chore due to multiple operations. However, RoboExtract can automatically perform these tedious tasks for you. RoboExtract can also do these tasks during the weekends or after office hours, preventing you from working overtime.

  3. Invoice loading can be done in various formats, but RoboExtract can still correctly identify the data, automatically extract it, and store it in the database.

Another advantage of RoboExtract is that automated work is simpler, faster and cheaper than the work itself in handling long, arduous freight processes. RoboExtract software automates all this work for BL and makes it more desirable for the shipping industry.