Do you think your document extraction software can extract data
from hundreds of documents in minutes? Think twice.

With Roboextract, it is possible.

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Robot who understands your document the best for superb accuracy data extraction.



Digitizing data that resides in hundreds of physical documents is a major task everywhere. Variety of document types are challenging to extract. Finding easy-to-use software with cutting-edge technology to automate data extraction is a major issue.

BUT, we make it possible to handle


Powerfull Features

Auto OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ): Convert any printed, typed, or scanned document into digital machine-readable text.

A.I Machine Learning Intelligently understand and extract data from even the most unstructured document.


Work with documents with any languages aside English, especially Asian Language: Chinese, Indonesia , Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai.

User Friendly

No I.T. Expert / Engineers to be involved. Easy and friendly interface for any types and end-users. Customizable template for extraction. Drag and drop labelling to train the bot.

Effortless Extraction

Create your extraction project in a click of a mouse. No coding, programming, or installation is needed.

Flexible and Tailored

Work catered to your dynamic needs. Handle any types of documents.

Unmatched Speed

Extract hundreds of documents in minutes. Quickly create your extraction project or email it to us.

RoboExtract studying the document patterns.

  • Step 1 - Prepare Your Document

    The first step of the training process is teaching RoboExtract extraction by labelling your PDF documents. In this step, you have to prepare and label the training data. The more training data, the better it will perform!

  • Step 2 - Train The Robot

    After the labelling process has been completed, the next step will be training RoboExtract using the labelled data. This step will generate a training model as a result of how RoboExtract understands the pattern of your documents.

  • Step 3 - Instant Extraction

    Using the training model generated in Step 2, now RoboExtract can extract your documents! To extract documents, you can have 2 ways: upload onto the RoboExtract's server, or you can just send email to us.

Document Processing for Modern Offices.

  • RoboExtract studies document patterns.

    RoboExtract recognizes each area of information in document. It memorizes patterns and fields. This self-learning capability will automatically generate training model that will be used in document extraction.

  • Document Processing for Modern Offices.

    You do not need to type information from documents that you have received. RoboExtract can handle it. Leave it to RoboExtract and move to other high-value assignments.