How It Works?

RoboExtract  works in the easiest and fastest way document extraction can ever be.   RoboExtract  is designed to transform the document extraction process into the lightest steps.

Roboextract • Text and Image

4 Easy Steps for Document Extraction


Scan hard-copy documents


Upload documents in digital format (pdf, png, jpg)  


Train RoboExtract by drag and drop labeling 


Extract documents instantly 

Why Use RoboExtract?

Superb Accuracy

Powerful A.I. Machine Learning that is easily trained, delivering high-accuracy extraction result.

Superb Flexibility

Flexible and tailored catered to your varying needs of document extraction.

Superb Speed

Extract data from hundreds of documents in minutes.

Superb Effectivity

Improving productivity and cost-efficiency concurrently by automating the time-consuming and repetitive tasks. 

Sometimes it sounds too good to be true. 

Request a demo and see for yourself.