Document Types

RoboExtract  can extract data from hundreds of document in minutes. Users can choose any data from all document types and  RoboExtract  will automatically extract it.

Roboextract • Text and Image
Roboextract • Image and Text

No coding is needed. No IT expert involved. Extract data in mouse-clicks. Easy peasy!

How Intelligent Document Extraction Works?

Step 1 - Prepare Document

The first step of the training process is teaching RoboExtract extraction by labelling your PDF documents. In this step, you have to prepare and label the training data. The more training data labelled, the better it will perform!

Step 2 - Train The Robots

After the labelling process has been completed, the next step will be training RoboExtract using the labelled data. This step will generate a training model as a result of how RoboExtract understands the pattern of your documents.

Step 3 - Instant Extraction

Using the training model generated in Step 2, now RoboExtract can extract your documents! To extract documents, you can have 2 ways: upload onto the RoboExtract's server, or you can just send an email to us.

Types of Document Supported by RoboExtract


Does your finance and accounting team have to process numerous invoices each day? Hand over to RoboExtract if the answer is yes! RoboExtract allows you to have a faster account payable process by automatically extracting your PDF or scanned invoices immediately with superb accuracy. 


Having to process scanned receipts? Or your receipt needs to be OCR-ed? Don't worry! RoboExtract can surely do it for you. With Auto OCR, RoboExtract enables you to have instant extraction result even your document is not searchable or readable.


Birth, training, education certificates? Any other relevant certification document? RoboExtract can automatically extract them for you, no matter how complicated the structure is!


Do you have to digitize your annual reports? Does the data reside in charts, tables, graphics? Stop the manual work to digitize them all, just hand it over to RoboExtract which can even intelligently extract data in any forms!

Purchase Orders

RoboExtract can read purchase orders and simplify your overwhelming workflow in processing this document by extracting key data points, resulting in a summarized Excel or CSV file.


Does your department have various types of forms that need to be digitized? Hand it over to RoboExtract, which can automatically read every line in forms and extract them all to be compiled in a single Excel file.

ID Card

ID cards can be an important document in the insurance, banking, or even the hospitality sector. Having a tool that can automate the data extraction from this document can be a big help! RoboExtract can extract data from scanned or image of ID cards, no matter what country the ID card is from!


In craving for tools that allow you to read and extract key data points from passports such as names, expiration date, birth country, etc.? Hire RoboExtract to do that for you! RoboExtract can extract data from scanned or image of passports, no matter what country the passport is from!

Bank Statements

Bank statement plays important role in banking and financial service industry. Many of these document keeps coming each day and needs to be processed, such as extracting key data points to be entered into the system. RoboExtract simplifies the workflow by making an instant extraction result possible for you.


Imagine having to review hundreds or thousands of resume or CV in your job-opening process, won't it be a mundane task for your HR team? It would be a massive benefit if you can have a robot tool that simplifies, summarizes, and compiles the potential candidate's data into just one single Excel file. Of course, RoboExtract can do it for you!

Contract Documents

Does your HR team consume so much time for onboarding new employee due to an abundance of documents to be processed? Contract document plays a major role in declaring employee-employer agreements, and HR staff needs to enter the employee data into the HR system from contract documents. RoboExtract simplifies the way your HR team works, by allowing you to instantly have a document that summarizes your employee agreements.


Does your finance or accounting department have to process claims such as expense or medical claims? The structure of each document can widely vary and will consume so much time if processed manually. Hire RoboExtract, it can read and extract your expense or medical claims no matter how unstructured it is!

Item List

Does your sales team have a lot of items, product, or price list? How if these documents need to be digitized into a system or to be simplified into a report? Of course, it is possible! With RoboExtract, you can have an instant data compilation from any documents.

Bills of Lading

Bill of lading plays a highly important role in shipping and logistic. Most of this document is so complex and unstructured, that usually, the respective staff needs to digitize the data manually. It will be time-consuming considering that there will be numerous BoL incoming each day. RoboExtract can simplify the work you by intelligently extract key data points from even the most unstructured BoL.

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