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We provide an intelligent document extraction robot that can extract data from hundreds of documents in minutes. Hire   RoboExtract to extract data from documents in any type, format/template, and language in an easy and fast way, with superb accuracy.

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online document extraction


Finance process automation is the use of software to automate key finance-related tasks like accounts reconciliation, journal entries, and preparing financial statements with minimal human intervention. It enables finance departments to streamline processes and ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

online document extraction


Banking automation refers to the system of operating the banking process by highly automatic means so that human intervention is reduced to a minimum. Branch automation is also referred to as platform automation.

online document extraction


Cognitive software robots tap on the power of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to make sense of data, and combine with rules-based automation to link workflows in a contextual manner. Relieve the burden of over-flowing back-office transactions and legacy systems in the highly-regulated insurance industry.

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Cognitive Automation which can automate labour-intensive tasks intelligently can be the leverage for success in shipping and related transportation companies. It can help ship owners, ship operators, port/ liner agencies, brokers, asset managers, charterers, stevedores, hauliers, truckers, etc

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Document Extraction in Account Receivable 

Financial documents are crucial in business processes as it plays important role in keeping track of transactions made within an account. Each day, these documents are piling up to be processed. Manual processing is not an option anymore because of its drawbacks, especially human-staff fatigue that can lead to data error. Now the question emerges: how to process financial documents more efficiently?

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Improve Business with Data Extraction

Data are very important in today’s highly competitive business climate. The main role in strategic decision making can be played by consumer personal data, detailed operational reports, Sales figures, and company information. The quantity and quality of data collected and extracted from different web sources are important to track.

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RoboExtract Process Bill of Lading

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is a document indicating origin of goods, destination of goods and the means of transport.
Our end customers who are in logistics or shipping industries deal with BOLs often. There are often errors when doing the data extraction or manual transferring of data of BOLs.

online document extraction

Efficient Document Processing With RoboExtract

RoboExtract software makes it easy for people to extract a lot of documents in pdf format with a seamless process. RoboExtract software will provide greater performance, scalability, accuracy, and consistency in your business operations.

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